Gili Bar-Lev Certified Public Accountants

Firm Profile:
The head of the auditing firm Gili Bar-Lev Certified Public Accountants is Mr. Gili Bar-Lev, CPA and Jurist.
The firm provides the whole range of accounting services such as audit of financial statements, tax reports, editing balance sheets, P & L, financial and economic consulting, valuations, companies and individuals taxation, international taxation, tax planning, representation to the authorities and achieving tax arrangements ("Ruling").
The firm also provides bookkeeping services and salary calculations, capital statements, tax returns for employees, consulting in accounting management software, financial statements, custom financial guidance, retirement calculations and pensions, accounting opinion about banking, mortgages and investments in various fields.
The firm is logged on to the clients representing system of the National Insurance Institute of Israel, and deals among other things with debt arrangements and penalties cancellations. In addition, the office is logged on to IRS and VAT computer network.

The founder of the firm:

CPA Gili Bar-Lev is an accountant since 1999;
Graduate of The College of Management – B.A. Degree in business administration and accounting.
– Master's degree (LLM) in law from Bar Ilan University.

Gili Bar-Lev is qualified in auditing financial statements of companies and individuals, internal auditing and auditing of computerized systems.  He has broad experience with computerized financial systems and taxation valuations, both local and international.

Brief CV:
– Ministry of Finance – Income Tax Inspector – specializing in companies and individuals taxation.
– Accounting firm KPMG Somekh Chaikin – auditing of computerized systems.
– Israel Credit Cards (CAL) – Head of Finance accounting systems
– Serves as an outside Director on behalf of the public in several companies.